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Word Count Daily Goal

Many authors like to keep a streak of a minimum number of words written per day. Whether this is your year-long motivator or your NaNoWriMo target, Fablehenge can help you track your daily goal.

To adjust your daily goal, visit the Profile & Settings by clicking the settings button in the left sidebar:

Settings menu

The setting of interest right now is Target Word Count Per Day, which I have made very low here for illustrative purposes:

Target Word Count Per Day

The setting automatically saves. Now visit the write page for one of your books. Remember the word counter we discussed in The Manuscript? This icon becomes supercharged if you have set a daily goal. I haven't written anything on Becky's story today, so it is currently quite boring:

Zero Words Today

However, if I type a few words into the scene editor, the total changes colour to indicate that I haven't yet met my daily goal (which we set to 10 on the settings window):

Five Words Today

If I flesh out the story just a little more, however, the goal turns green:

Twenty Two Words Today


  • Daily word counts are calculated based on scene contents, so anything you type for world building (summaries, tag descriptions, and secret scenes don't count toward it).
  • Daily word counts are not scoped to individual books, so if you write one scene in one book and another scene in a different book, your daily count for that day will include the count for both scenes.
  • Daily word count can go negative if you delete words or scenes that were written on previous days.