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Sync Status

Your story's data is stored locally in your browser, and also synced to our cloud provider (for subscribing customers). When you log in from a new browser, it will sync your most recent changes from the cloud provider. When you log out in your browser, all local data is deleted, but it is still stored securely in the cloud and your entire book will be copied back to your browser when you next log in.

There is a sync status above the Log Out button in the menu sidebar:


If it's a little green circle with a check in it, as shown, everything is in sync and you can work on your story. However, the icon may not always be so happy. Here's some info on the icons and what you can expect to do with them:

not started

A grey or red hourglass means that the sync hasn't started yet. You'll probably never see this; it will flash for a millisecond or so until the system has figured out what it needs to do. If Fablehenge is stuck with this icon, definitely contact us, as it's a bug.


A green spinner means that the sync between the cloud and this browser is currently happening. You'll see this when you first log in and every time you make a change that needs to sync to the cloud. If you have a good network connection, it should not stick around for long. If the system is stuck in this state, then it's possible you have a bad internet connection (can you load youtube?) or our cloud provider is having network problems.


A yellow circle with a pause icon in it means the cloud has intentionally disconnected its sync. This is a normal icon to see if your browser tab has lost focus for a while. To conserve bandwidth (both for you and for our cloud provider), the background syncing doesn't happen when you are not actively interacting with the browser window. If Fablehenge is stuck in this state, first, make sure the browser window is focused and you are interacting with it. If that doesn't kick off an immediate sync, try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, it is likely our cloud provider is down, but you could try logging out and back in again as a last resort.


An orange PC icon means that your browser is currently offline. In today's connected world, this probably means you are in airplane mode on a particularly old airplane or intentionally camping out in the woods, perhaps doing a writing retreat. It's also possible your Internet connection is out. The good news is, when the browser is in offline mode, you can continue interacting with it like normal! Your changes will all be synced back to the cloud whenever you reconnect to the world.


A red circle with an exclamation mark in it indicates there was an error syncing. We certainly hope you never see this state but if you do, it is often easiest to log out and resync again. If you have changes locally that are failing to sync, export the JSON database from the export tab before logging out in case we need to do a manual recovery.