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User Profile and Settings

We have a basic profile and settings page that can be accessed by clicking the settings menu on the menu sidebar.

Settings Icon

This page allows you to change your display name and avatar and your daily word count goal.


You can adjust your avatar and display name in this section:

Profile Section

Your profile and display name will be visible to anyone that you give feedback to or request feedback from. Feel free to use a pseudonym if you publish under a different name.

You can change your profile image in exactly the same as the profile images in the tag interface: Either drag and drop or click the profile image to upload a new picture.

You will be presented with the profile cropping modal:

Profile Crop

Clicking Confirm will save the newly cropped image in both the header and the profile:

Saved Profile Images


The Target Word Count Per Day can be set in this section, as discussed here.

Dark Mode

By default, we render the screen in your system's default mode (light or dark). You can override this by choosing Light or Dark from the "Dark Mode" selector.


If you want to refer back to the welcome tour we showed when you first signed up, tick the "Show Onboarding Tour" box and visit the write page again.