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Storage and Backup

Your stories are stored locally in your web browser, and if you are NOT a subscribing customer, your browser may choose to delete that data at any time.

For subscribing customers, your stories are also synced to a cloud provider that takes care of backups for us as well as syncing to as many devices as you want. We take additional daily backups for extra protection.

When you log in from a new browser, your books will sync from the cloud provider to the new browser automatically so you can interact with them there.

Syncing happens over a fully encrypted connection. Nobody between our cloud provider and your browser can see any of your private data.

Data is currently not encrypted in the database. This means that certain entities have access to your story:

  • Us here at Fablehenge. We have complete access to the db. We do not read your stories (we want to wait until you are successfully published and we have a book in our hands!), but we may look at your data for debugging purposes at your request.
  • Our cloud provider, Dexie Cloud. They will not look at your data unless we explicitly ask them to, and we will not ask them to unless we have asked you if it is acceptable.
  • Our analytics services. At the time of writing, this is Log Rocket and MixPanel, but we may add others before we go to production. These services have robust privacy policies that we trust.

All backups are encrypted at rest.

Exporting your data

If Fablehenge is not right for you, you can export all your data in a programmer-friendly format or as a .docx manuscript from the User and Profile menu.